iTV Got Competition – And I Got Reason To Keeps My Tivo!

It keeps getting better and better.  How anyone in tech can't be a free market capitalist is beyond me.

Netscape (the browser) made Microsoft kick a browser into gear – and made them improve it.  When they went away, a little upstart called Firefox did the same.  As a result, I got a killer browser – and haven't paid a dime for it.

Microsoft has this Zune thing that although far from perfect, is making Apple pay attention.  I might buy a rev 1 just to get Apple to kick things up a(nother) notch.
Amazon launched Unbox, which I called a competitor to iTunes and then Apple announces their iTV project, of which I've been slobbering over something fierce.

Enter today's hot rumor, from all places, the New York Post that Amazon and Tivo are talking Tivo as a viewer for Amazon Unbox and, BAMMMMMMMMM competition enters the fray again – Apple's gonna bust their butts to make iTV even better and, …

I guess I'm keeping my Tivo for a few more months.

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