iPod Fans Have A Sense of Humor, Right?

Blog readers will know I’ve been stirring the pot the best way I know on the whole Zune Podcasting thing.  I launched ZuneLuv.com and promised not to bring it up here, unless it was “big.”

I recently read this post on Zune v iPod and it just struck me as silly.  Why, not sure, but it just did.

So, I decided to post a silly response – 7 iPod v Zune Comparisons You Won’t Read About Anywhere Else.

Silly is as silly does, I guess.

As I right this, I approved 3 comments.  There were about 10 in the queue, and most were filled with swearing, etc.  Different i.p. addresses, so I know they all weren’t from the same person.

Checking my logs – no big Digg, or anything like that.  Just normal traffic.

So, why the nastiness?  I made fun of pretty much everyone, including myself in this post.  Most of the iPod fans I’ve met have a sense of humor.

Did I miss something, or is it just a full moon or something?

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