Scoble Replaced?

I guess it's just a day of Microsoft news …

Want to meet Redmond's replacement for Scoble?

Meet Rory Blyth my friends

Paul, why the Microsoft Podcasting obsession?

Let me try it again:

There is a revolution going on in media. The same company who wants us to spend a few hundred bucks to upgrade our “Media PCs” next January refuses to admit it. Once they admit it, and put it into the OS, a lot more people are going to enjoy the revolution. (And for those of us in Profitable Podcasting, this is a really good thing.)

There are those who predict the death of Microsoft on a bi-weekly basis. Get over it – they ain't going away. This won't be the nail in their coffin. They're too smart for that.

They're just pretty down for the count right now and anything us Podcasters can do to wave a little smelling salts in their face can only be good for all of us.

And, by the way, at least they're sponsoring something at the Podcast Expo. Remind me again what Apple is doing this weekend for the cause?
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