Leo Laporte – Podcast Expo 2006 – Keynote

Highlights from Leo’s keynote.

There are really some important issues for us as Podcasters.  The conversation needs to be started …

  • The Name.  “I know the name isn’t going to go away.” “Is this a valuable name for us?”  Is the association with Apple a good thing?  Microsoft won’t embrace it – and that’s doing damage to us.  “We’re mature enough that we don’t have to have just one name.” 
  • We Are In This Together.  Cooperation, Not Competition.  The job isn’t to make any one show #1.  “The job is to make Podcasting #1.”  “The real problem right now is that only so many people are listening.”
  • We Have No Way of Measuring Our Audiences Effectively.  Are we talking real numbers or are we posturing?  We gotta think about numbers.
  • We Have to Grow the Audience.
  • We Have to Capture the True Value in What We Do.
  • This Is a New Medium.  “Don’t copy the mistakes of the old media … we can do better …”

“We are in an exciting new age.  It is such a great thing to be part of Podcasting.  I hope you realize what an opportunity this is.”

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