Podcast Expo 2006 Day 0 Wrap Up

Since yesteday wasn't technically a Podcast Expo day, we can't call it day 1, can we?

First point: Podcast Academy.  I'll be honest, I was a bit worried that the content was going to be great, but not what the audience needed.  I was wrong.  Audience/presenter match something fierce this round.  Leo Laporte brought down the house with his closing and, well, I'm ready.  Hat's off to Geoghegan and Kaye for making this happen.  My only complaint was I wish we could have caught a glimpse of 88Slide's live Final Cut template for the show.
If you're serious about the industry and didn't attend this event, get the recordings.  Period.

Second point: Podcasters are a social group.  I hit the speaker/exhibitor/press shindig and enjoyed the food and company.  Very excited to have met as many brilliant Podcasters as I could and made a little love connection with the Techsmith people, who are announcing something today.

Hit the Marriot bar afterwards and remembered why I love this industry so much – we're all type a – get to the root of it type people.  Good times.

Hit the RawVoice party which I have to get a hat's off for.  Best food and beer I've ever seen at a party like that, ever.  Even had a few of my favorites in the cooler.
Spent about 10 minutes watching the Pickle/Podcast 411/etc. Poker Party.  I can only imagine how that thing ended.  So nice to put some faces to these voices in my head.

Heading out for breakfast, the keynotes and then my little “unkeynote” in the Podango booth.  Expect updates when today slows down.

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