Andrew Baron – Podcast Expo 2006 – Keynote

Two double thrills before Andrew hit the stage:  1) Wow, cool look.  Open seat in the front row.  Laptop power strips.  Cool.  Oh, wow, I’m sitting next to Andrew from Rocketboom.  2) Really, Andrew, you read my blog?

He’s on stage (and he gets the whole hour – and he promises to share some numbers).  Highlights are as follows:

  • “I’m targetting a very specific group.” (with Rocketboom)
  • Think of the empowerment that a Wiki gives your audience.   Yes, they could screw anything up that they wanted to.  That’s the power you give them.  They’re in charge.  They’ll love you something fierce for making that happen.
  • “In a way it doesn’t matter.” (in relation to whether or not you can track how many times your content is downloaded.
  • STATS!!!
    • They have four 1-gigabit servers that serve the video.
    • 35,064 .MOV downloads for the 9/14 episode (top download one right now)
      • Doesn’t include all the other downloads arenas (Tivo, etc.) and file formats (WMV, etc.)
    • > 1 Million hits from Windows Machines on proper September.
      • Only 61.9% of their audience.
  • “They become fans, not just consumers.”
  • “Let’s make sure our ad is something the audience would like.”
  • “Soon Disney will be comfortable with an audience of ten thousand.” (For a specific show – because of the strength of this audience).

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