Podcast Expo 2006 Day 1 Wrap Up – Part 1

We're having a meetup in just a few minutes of advertising model types.  Can't wait.  I'll fill in the rest of this after that.

Highlights of yesterday:

  • The Podango Unkeynote went smoothly and I really enjoyed the crowd.  There are people really interested in Premium Podcasting.
  • My little saga with the monitor connection went a bit further yesterday.  Turned out the mighty Dave Slusher actually didn't have the cable I needed.  Jimmy Stewart Geoghegan had one so I grabbed his.  Thanks sir.
  • My audience was one of the funnest audiences I've played with in a long time.  Thanks guys for making the event so much fun.  For those in the audience reading this – I fixed the special “page” with the right password – so you can get in now.
  • One of yesterday's big themes – ImTheMedia.com.
  • Finally, last issue for this posting – MAJOR SCOOP –  Lots of people got their pictures with Cali from Geekbrief … At last, revealed, a picture of Cali, myself AND THE MYSTERIOUS NEAL.  Wonder what the man looks like?  I'll be posting a glorious 6 megapixel picture very soon.

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