Podcast Expo 2006 Day 1 Wrap Up – Part 2

Man I'm tired.

I can't tell you how humbling the comments are from readers “experiencing” Podcast Expo through my blog. If I've learned anything this weekend, it is that this blog has an incredible audience of people I admire tremendously. I list some specific names and shouts but I fear for who I'd leave out.

But back to the Expo …

The only presentation I was able to hit yesterday or today was Slusher's – I wrote of that yesterday. I've heard nothing but tremendous things about the other events. I'm sorry I missed them, but as I wrote earlier, these are about the people.

So, let's talk about the people.

Insert token note that you'll be able to buy the event audios very soon here. Those will be very powerful.

There was an amazing crowd at both my “unkeynote” with Podango and my ballroom presentation. Here's the great part: I was nearly blindfolded by the lightbulbs going off in people's minds during both of them.

As much as I'd love to claim it was my brilliance, I know that I'm but the reporter of what is happening / and what can happen and I got to present it to two different audiences very ready to make it happen.

The audience (the audience here, not just the ones at my events) is maturing and ready to monetize their Podcasts on the level well all knew was very possible.

A lot of parties and a lot of money spent on the parties last night. Good – because it gives us all a sneak peak of what's ahead. Bad – I don't want us to go Bubble 2.0 here. No one party was Bubble 2.0 (o.k., one was – but that's another story) but together, we're getting too close – we need to be careful.

Although I'm writing this after having viewed the booths, I have to tell you next post, day 2, is about what I saw in the booths.

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