Podcast Expo 2006 Day 2 Wrap Up – Part 1

So Podcast Expo is over.  Time to wrap things up …

I spent day 2 visiting booths.  Here were the ones that really caught my eye:

Imorphosis had the product that excited me the most.  The company is in the very early stages of financing, etc. but has a product that will change things dramatically.  I dragged a few people to this booth – the only booth I dragged anyone to.  In short, it is a Podcast charger that syncs Podcasts without a need for a computer.  Everything is managed by the Web – not iTunes, Yahoo Music, etc.

Why is this important?   Two aspects – 1) Training.  The pre-loaded iPod can always be deleted when the consumer hooks things up to their computer.  That’s our biggest problem right now.  2) Mom.  I’ve been saying over and over again that we need to make this easy for Mom.  I could deliver this box and an iPod to her house and, bam, Mom’s got Podcast.  If Microsoft won’t make it easy …

Podcast Ready.  I think their product is more important than the press they’ve been receiving with their Apple legal troubles.  Right now, a Podcast Ready installation on a regular MP3 player is the easiest method for retrieving Podcasts (through a computer).  Nice people too – and they get the award for coolest shirts at the event.

EtchaMac.com.  We interviewed them on Marketing Online Live #41 but it was great to meet them face to face.  Now we can have our preloaded iPods look as good as the content we pre-load into them.

Between Imorphosis, Podcast Ready and EtchaMac, the dream of custom content delivery really is coming together.

Nokia gave me a test unit of their N91 phone.  Wow …  I’ll be doing a full review of this at some point over at Podcast Tools.  This is hoping to be the all in one unit – smart phone, MP3 player, 2 megapixel camera, video camera, IM, etc.  I’ll give it a run over the few weeks.  Did grab a short video of myself and Craig Syverson from Video Grunt hamming it up a bit – it somehow seemed appropriate.

The rest of my favorites in Part 2

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