Podcast Expo 2006 Day 2 Wrap Up – Part 2

And now, the rest of the companies that really impressed me at Podcast Expo:

Audible. Nothing really new to report from them but they got the product – and it works. When I did my Unkeynote in the Podango booth, you should have seen the lightbulbs that went off when I explained that not only does the whole package exist – but they actually launched it a year ago. We have multiple engines for making Premium Podcasting happen. Let’s start creating our Premium Podcasts.

Bias. On my to-do list for next week was to pick up a copy of their Peak and Soundsoap products. This was one of the main reasons I moved to Mac. Got a great demo, got a great show discount, and am very assured that I made the right move in switching. Nice people – hot product – gonna help me sound better than I should.

Feedburner. There in smaller form – but there. I got a great interview with Rick and Eric that I’ll be posting to Podcast Tools soon. The tool remains a bedrock of our industry.

GigaVox. Levalator is released – grab your copy today. Thank you. Their media product system demoed – it will change the way I do everything.

LibSyn. They have their reliability problems. They admit it and don’t hide it. From a technology standpoint – nothing honestly too exciting. However, their strength in this industry is in their position and their control over the pardigm of Podcast hosting. They set the standards that Podcasting hosting is judged by. Another company responsible for making Podcasting what it is today. Can’t tell you how thrilled I am with their Libsyn Pro efforts. I hope this becomes what they hope this will become.

Podango. The station paradigm is catching on. A major theme this weekend was making this Podcast thing as easy as possible. This is a path that just might work. Can’t wait to see what Station Managers they ink in a few weeks.

Samson. Their product line is far more impressive than I realized. In short, Podcast production can be much easier and cheaper (and portable) with the packages they have in place. Again, more at Podcast Tools in a few days.

Techsmith. Have always loved this company. Have made some good money with this company’s products. They launched a very badly needed hosting service for screencasts (called, get this ScreenCast.com). Camtasia 4 coming soon. And, they’re that much more close to a Mac version after they met some of the top Mac screencaster types on the planet.

These are exciting times …

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