Podcast Expo Big Thought #1 – The Cult of Personality and the Monoculture

My plane boards in a few minutes. Here’s the concept I’m chewing on right now.
Among the thousands of people at Podcast Expo – I met Leo Laporte, Andrew Baron, Cali Lewis, Joanne Colan and dozens of other “superstars” in our “space.” Not only did we chat like old friends but there was dialogue, true dialogue – the kind we’re all hungry for.

Andrew’s keynote comments that one day Disney will be thrilled with an audience of 10k has received a lot of attention in the blogs. I think/know he’s right.

But here is the cool part. In the monoculture, a “star” can’t communicate with the fans. There’s a whole industry of bodyguards and security people who make millions to prevent it. You almost have to prevent it to keep the obscenely larger than life persona that the monoculture requires.

With an audience of 10k – and larger – just not monoculture size – you can communicate with your audience. You can read their blogs. You can give them 15 minutes if you happen to be in the same space.

And you know what, I’d rather have that than the kabillion$ associated with the monoculture.

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