Updated: Response To “Will Pod People Feel Microsoft’s Love?”

Update #1: Laurie emailed me back. She promises to fix the MP3 link (new link, but it wasn't working when I wrote this). We'll see if I did mess things up, as I said in paragraph #1, “in the thrill of it all.”

Update #2: Link is still down to the MP3 but Laurie did put it up at her blog.

Laurie Sullivan's piece for TechWeb entitled “Will Pod People Feel Microsoft's Love?” doesn't reflect what I felt I stated in a brief interview on the show floor. I tried her links to the audio feedback at the end to see if I messed things up in the thrill of it all, but that link led to an error page (as did the link to my site).

I'm assuming this happened in the excitement of getting multiple articles out about a truly exciting event – but I do need to set the record straight. Laurie, if you change your piece accordingly, I'll certainly post an update here as well.

“Colligan.com Inc. CEO and podcaster Paul Colligan said someone at Microsoft advocates podcasting because 250 simultaneous feeds called “Zune firmware .9 beta” recently accessed one of his podcasts.”

What I said was that someone at Microsoft must be advocating Podcasting because (I might have said 250 – but looking back at my notes, the official number is 200+) diferent Podcast feeds were accessed in a single day with an aggregator called “Zune Firmware .9 beta.” I covered this topic over at Zuneluv.com. This thrilled me to no end. Someone, somewhere in Redmond is hoping to see Podcasting on the Zune. THEY HAVE MY OVERWHELMING SUPPORT.

Update: Listen to the audio. The exact words were “We know that someone at Microsoft is trying because 250 simultaneous feeds were accessed by something called Zune firmware .9 beta on the same day.”
If the Zune machine actually aggregated Podcasts directly from the device, I've said over and over again that Zune could be the Podcaster's best friend.

“They have to put it into Media Player on XP,” said Colligan, a developer in Microsoft's Most Valuable Professional (MVP) program. “Zune could become the hottest thing for podcasters.”

Yes, I said both these things – but they are related to two different issues.

1) Microsoft really needs to put a Podcatcher out that works in XP's Media Player (and, of course, Vista). It has to be in XP for the very same reasons they're releasing IE7 to XP. It's o.k. that they're late to the game – but they can't expect us to pony up $200 for what others are giving away for free.

2) Yes, Zune could become the hottest thing for Podcasters – if they use that wireless Podcatcher – as mentioned earlier in this article.

And then this bit …

“Believing third-party software developers could create the podcast tools for both Zune and Vista, Colligan wants Microsoft to handover the project to the MVPs and let them create the $10,000 worth of code needed to make it work.”

1) Yes, it wouldn't take much to create a Podcatcher for Windows Media Player. It could be done for $10k easily. IE7 already has the nuts and bolts in place. This isn't a programming issue – this is a political issue.

2) I don't want them to hand it over to the MVPs, I want Microsoft to produce a Podcast aggregator that works in XP and launch the one they're testing in Zune.

3) My comment about MVPs is that if they did this, the MVP program (of which I'm a member, but not a developer) would do amazing things in getting the word out. Us MVPs are like that.

Update: I definately can see where she got the idea that I meant to hand the code over to the MVPs. The excitement of the event certainly had me jumped around the topics.

Funny little sidenote – I was recently picked up again for the MVP Program for the year 2007 (Got the email on Sunday). The subject is still FrontPage and my quest to get into the MVP program for Windows Media still has been in vain.

So, that's what I meant. Laurie, an update?

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