Why Cheaper Ads Make Rocketboom (And Sponsors) More Money

Frank Barnanko does a great job of explaining the numbers and direct implications of the Rocketboom advertising rate card.

But he missed the important stuff.

There are some who would question a rate card that allows you to pay less for a “cooler” commercial.

I don’t. You shouldn’t.

Commercials are, and can be, content. They can, and should be, better than the crap they throw at us on a regular basis. When they are good, we enjoy, and the sponsor gets a special place in our hearts. When they’re annoying, and we hate, the sponsors seem to almost get a special place in hell.

Rocketboom is rewarding those who create good commercials.

The audience will reward Rocketboom by consuming the commercial – instead of fast-forwarding through them.

Andrew will show amazing response – and then can ask for higher rate card later – and then can give the “good content discount” to keep the cycle going.

Can Andrew show amazing response? Rember TRM.com? Check out this Alexa graph. The only noticable blip on their traffic came the week of the Rocketboom ads.

And guess what, they were pretty cool ads.

And now the really cool part … the betters ads, bought cheaper, get a better response, so they make you more money.

What bean counter wouldn’t be thrilled with that?

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