I’ve Been “Boomed”

I've been “boomed.” My mug, and a few choice words, was featured on Rocketboom today.

The 10/3/2006 Rocketboom features interviews with folk from the Podcast Expo last weekend.

And that ain't all, I'm in a fabulous group of people that include Tim Bourquin, Rudy Jahchan, Tiffany Young, Dina Kaplan, Chris Brogan, Jason van Orden, Bre Pettis, Jake Ludington, Kent Nichols, Leesa Barnes, Robert Walch, and more.

My kids suddenly respect me now that I'm on the Tivo 😉

Trivia and event tip – in the first seconds of the episode, there is a timelapse of the crowd waiting for Drew's keynote. In the front, you'll see me chatting with the Andrew Baron. How did I luck out like that? Honestly, I noticed there was a seat open up front. I sat down, started to plug in my laptop and guess what … I'm sitting next to the man. Great conversation.

Great things happen to those who make the first move. Something all of us Podcasters need to be reminded of over and over again.

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