PME 2006 Action Items

Here is my personal to do list of action items from Podcast Expo 2006:
Do everything you can to make Podcasts easier to consume.  I’ve always knew this was important (and badly needed) – but I realized I’ve been slacking a bit here.  We got ways to make easier and we’re only doing damage to the industry by ignoring this obligation.  Among other things, I had a script produced that I need to bring back out and release to the public.

This is a hardware issue as well.  I need to spend some more time with the Podcast Ready product and the iMorphophis products.  This was never an issue – but I need to be on the iTV early adopter list as well.

Continue to pound Microsoft until they release a Podcatcher.  It will happen, and anything I (or any other Podcaster) can do to make it happen is better for all of us.  Expect some renewed passion in this area.  It might just be time to release

Anyone who has any ideas on this one – I’m open …

Make format decisions based on message to market match.  No more “face for radio” excuses.  If it needs to be video, I need to produce the video.   I’ve got a killer Mac that can produce any videos I need to produce.

I honestly believe more times than not that I will probably stick to audio.

Continue to preach Podcast monetization.  Based on the overwhelming response I got this weekend, I will continue to be the Podcast monetization guy.

If you are doing something in Podcast monetization, let me know.  I’ll get you on the Profitable Podcasting show.

Promote anyone who makes the tide rise.  Another thing I realized this weekend was just how many people read my Blog and listen to what I say.  This is my pulpit and I’m going to use it to rise the tide.
What did you learn?  What are your action items from this weekend?

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