Forget Marketshare, Microsoft Don’t Even Own (Or

Back in August I predicted that some timing mistakes at Microsoft was going to result in them paying a good chunk of change to the owner of the domain name. I mean, they wouldn't launch Zune without would they?

Well, …

According to Red Herring,

Microsoft’s ambitious multimillion-dollar Zune digital music recipe oddly lacks a key online marketing ingredient: dot-com domains.

In short, not only did they miss out on, but is currently for sale at for $1499.

When the product launches, what Website will people go to? Please tell me you haven't drank the Kool Aid on Zune.Mobi?

Heck, even results in an error.

Before I typed this, I headed out to with my Amex to pick up the domain name but currently, the buying proces is resulting in an error. I sure hope it's Microsoft realizing they could get their domain for less than the price of that “giving Zunes to the Ellen Degeneres audience” stunt a few weeks back.

But, probably, it's just another marketer like me (who beat me to it this time).

Microsoft, you are more than welcomed to purchase

Hat tip to for alerting me to this.

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