What Is This Zune Button at On10.net? Does Microsoft Have An October Surprise?

Watch this one very carefully.

I still believe Microsoft has a chance to come out the hero here by launching the Zune firmware upgrade when Zune launches.

Take a look at this episode link at On10.net.  Two things you need to look at:

1) The Zune interface is, darn it, nicer than the Apple interface.  Watch the video.  Functionality is still lacking my mind, but she sure does look pretty.
2) Notice that little “Zune” download link next to the iPod, PSP, and other links.  It’s a different WMV file than the other two.  There is a special format for Zune.

Might that special format for Zune be attached to an RSS file somewhere?

Might that RSS file be something that we can pull from our Zunes?

Can’t a guy dream?

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