Google Buys YouTube. What Does This Mean to Podcasters?

Google bought YouTube for $1.65 billion in stock today. I’d bet almost as much money that you didn’t read that here first.

Om Malik lists “Winners and Losers” in the deal and although I agree with his lists – I think he left out a few winners.

Every Podcaster should have a special little step in their walk for the rest of the month. Time shifted media just got validated in the special way that only a $1.65 billion purchase can bring.

Let me explain: Google certainly wasn’t buying content – 99.99% of the content was taken from someplace else (my numbers – but I think they’re about right). Google certainly wasn’t buying technology – as they have their own Google Video system (that, actually, does more than YouTube does). They weren’t buying a profitable business to fold into the Google empire. What did they buy?

They bought a new channel. They bought access to the gazillions of people who want media on their own terms – at the time and location of their choosing.

And, usually, uninterrupted by commercial content, but that is another topic all together.

Podcasters should be on Om’s list of winners. Content, on demand, is what people want and expect. It is now up to the Podcaster to develop it.

Cause, if you think you’ll be able to continue to watch full episodes of tv shows on YouTube now that the owners got someone with big pockets to sue …

The other winner is every content consumer on the planet. We’re sick of stuff being shoved down our throats at the whim of the suits and now that this new channel has been validated in the kind of language the “suits” understand, they might just start asking us again what it is that we want to consume.

But, Podcasters, beat them to the punch.

And, btw, Podcasters, when you get them to subscribe to your content, as opposed the viral “you gotta see this video click here” type stuff, you move from the “1-off” nature of pass along content to the continuity that susbcription content brings.
Congrats Steve, Chad, and Jawed.

Congrats Podcasters.

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