Offer Clarification

For those interested in Joel’s Project and my affiliate offer, keep reading.  Everyone else – skip to next article.

Some things changed since I updated everyone on the launch.  I wanted to clear things up here.
Here are the facts – some of these you can’t get anywhere else on the Internet (they’re the ones in italics):

  • Joel launches at 9a Pacific, Noon Eastern tomorow.
  • The information/sales page is several megs of screenshots, etc. and when he launches, you can expect the site to be slow.  Lot of people want in on this.
  • The price will go up every day after release ($50) until he stops selling them.
  • The project is so big that there is no download option.  It is a double-disk set.
  • Joel will close the doors on this one after a certain amount or sold.  Round 1, they closed in
  • Some insight on the package can be found on his interview over at the Internet Marketing Podcast Network.
  • There are more than 100 WordPress Templates in the double-disk set.
  • There are some surprises in there that are worth more than the package.

Now, because of my affiliate relationship with Joel, I get a piece of the action when someone buys through the link.   Here is what I’m going to do for your business:

  1. The first 10 people to purchase the CD set who forward me their receipt will get invited to a live Webinar.  At this Webinar, I’m going to A) deconstruct the package and explain what it means B) show you exactly how I’m going to implement it in what I’m doing and C) answer any questions from the audience of 10.  How long with this Webinar be?  As long as it needs to be.
  2. Because we’re using a Webinar software program, we’ll be able to visit the sites of the people in the audience and make specfic recommendations.
  3. Everyone else who buys past the first 10 will be able to access a recording of the Webinar.  The content will be good – but you won’t be able to ask questions.
  4. Anyone who buys and forwards me their receipt (October 10, 2006 only), and let’s me know that they don’t have Joel’s book The Adsense Code – I’ll get them a copy.

There we go – buy through the link and you get the Webinar and book from me.

See you at 9a tomorrow 😉

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