6 Hours in The Car – No iPod – Just Phones – The Mobile Podcasting Test

Tomorrow I’m visiting a few friends at a small software company in Redmond. Don’t worry, you’ve never heard of them.

It is a six hour drive round trip. I will be taking no iPods with me. No traditional single-purpose MP3 players go either. This a test of this phone Podcasting meme that everyone seems to be pushing these days.

In intend on listenin’ to a whole bunch of Podcasts on the trip.

The Rules: None of my content for tomorrow is retrieved via a computer. They all come wirelessly on the phones – or I don’t get to listen tomorrow. I can’t tell you how boring I find traditional radio.

Equipment: I will be armed with a Nokia N91 and a Treo 700p. The Nokia is compliments of a contact made at the last Corporate Podcasting Summit and the Treo 700p is thanks to me never being willing to sign anything less than a one year contract with any wireless provider.

Connectivity: I plan on syncing up my Nokia tonight on the house Wifi while watching The Unit (Tivo – of course – so we only got about 47 minutes). For the Treo – unlimited bandwidth by Verizon – and hopefully great EVDO for a good chunk of the trip.

Content: Podcasts from Nokia’s Podcast interface for their N9x series phones. For the Treo, Audible Air content and Podcasts from VoiceIndigo.com – the default Podcast engine for the Treo user.

Stero Integration: Purchased adapter from Radio Shack to put the Treo into my cassette adapter. Nokia providers adapter in box.

How will it turn out? I’ll let you know on Thursday.

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