Why “Katie” Is Doomed – Or Podcasts Do Not a Podcaster make

I use Katie as an adjective. You know who I'm talking about. I think we see “eye to eye” on this one. Yup, she sure does have a Podcast, but so does Mark Twain (and I'm sure he's as intimately involved). I'm so glad she read to me from her notebook about how much she loves them trees. Unsubscribed – as much as I love Clint Eastwood.

I'm starting to see a trend here in the Podcasters that seem to be doing “well.” In short, they're part of the production (if not the production), not just the pretty voice or face reading someone else's copy.

I dare you to watch GeekBrief and tell me that Cali is anything other than the big tech fan that she plays on the show. Even Neal, in the “role” of adoring husband who produces the show is guess what, an adoring husband who actually produces the show.

Get out of tech and the passion, interest and involvement is still there. If you ever had even the tinyest suspicion that Joanne Colan was hired “cause she looks like ‘Manda,” I dare you to listen to the interview with her and Leesa G on Podonomics 005. You will change your mind. This gal is not only as sharp as a tack, but she's trying to figure out the “big media versus little media” question that still plagues us all.

Politics. Ze Frank. Join him for a laugh so hard – milk out the nose examination of what it means to be an American that, darn it, reminds me of a young Mark Twain with swear words. The Show rocks – and I don't always even agree with the guy. Sure we can claim that “fight for your right to say it” bit – but it sounds so much more real when the guy you're saying it about actually makes some brilliant points in the process. Oh yeah, I bet he writes his own stuff.

It's a new age in media. Just one engine for user created content is valued at more than a billion and a half. The content will come later at an even greater price – Cuban ain't crazy about that one.

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