The Mobile Podcasting Test, Report #2 – Audible Air

In short, it didn't go well at all.  If it wasn't for a few long phone calls on the trip, I would have gone out of my mind.

We'll start with the good news.  The one shining star was Audible Air.  This did everything that it was supposed to do.

When I wanted to download an hour of content, it took a little less than 2 minutes (2 minutes of silence for one hour of content is a fine trade).  And, of course the “theory” behind Audible Air is that my phone would download that content the night before – so this wouldn't be an issue.

I've been a monthly subscriber to Audible for some time now so I had a long library from which to choose from.

Had no current subscriptions in the queue, so there was no way to get some recent news on any topic.

The only problem – Audible Air only does Audible.  Not only was this restrictive in what I could get to work on the only wireless Podcatching engine I could get to “work” but I hate situations (and I think all customers do) where I have to switch between two different programs to do the same task.

Audible, want to make me really happy?  Let me use Audible Air to download any Podcast I want.  I can't imagine it is that much more of a coding issue (maybe just add an import OPML) – and use the bandwidth of the host.  Yes, I know there are a few hoops to jump through but let me tell you this.

So far, you're the only thing that works.  How would you like the whole market of wireless Podcasters running a program with your logo on it every day.

Just a thought.

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