Question Numbers – Get Attention – Blogging Works

Last March, I questioned eMarketer's numbers in a Podcast study they released.

Being the astute new media types that they are, they picked it up and responded accordingly. They even gave me a copy of the report and explained their numbers.

I was satisfied and posted accordingly.

‘Twas a true Web 2.0 dialogue.

At OMMA last month, their CEO, Geoff Ramsey made mention of the dialogue. Some associates from eROI were in the audience and sent me these snaps.

Let no one tell you that blogging is just the gibberish ramblings of the geek-set.

For what it's worth, I just finished reading their $695 “Business of Blogging Report.” If you ever needed to back up what you read from Scoble with hard numbers, this is the report from you.

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