Nokia N91 Video

One of the many highlights of Podcast Expo 2006 was meeting Craig Syverson from Grunt Media. He’s brought some serious class and professionalism to this industry – things we can always use more of.

When Nokia gave me the N91 phone, I had to get the impression of someone so worried about quality.

We shot a quick video clip where he asked about the resolution of such a device.

Specifics – 352×288 MPEG-4 Video, AAC – 16 second clip. 1.1 meg.

And, since I just wrote that piece on free video hosting at Netscape, I gotta use this as my proof of concept.

You can download the original file, (not compressed, etc. for Web viewing) here.

Or, of course, you can click to play the video over at Netscape.

It ain’t the best test of the phone (and I’m sure the Grunt would subject it to 18 different tests), but I figured I’d upload this clip so that people can see three things: A) the raw video clip as I pulled it off the phone (sure ain’t bad) B) I wasn’t joking about the free Netscape raw video hosting and C) video proof that the Video Grunt guy doesn’t run away when I enter the room.

Although I had problems with the WIFI element of this thing, I do like the phone a lot. I’ve been listening to some recordings on it for the last few days and like the form factor, interface, etc. When I head over to London to present at MacWorld in February, I’ll take the phone and a SIM card from Mobal and make it my Video Blogging, Podcast Listening, Phone Calling phone. Should be fun.

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