YouTube v Microsoft Soapbox v Netscape? Free Video Podcast Hosting?

YouTube gets all the press don't they?

Today, Scoble tried to change that a bit with his post about Microsoft's Soapbox platform. He even pushes On10.Net's 10k free beta invites to the Soapbox program. I agree, Soapbox looks great, but my problem is the same as with YouTube.

They are both very Web 1.0.

Remember the mantra – surf, search, subscribe? It ain't surf, search, send 'em to someone else's site. If I put my stuff on YT or SB, I'm now pushing the YT or SB name.

I want a host that let's me host my stuff there, but also let me give my content, via RSS, to anyone who wants it on whatever aggregator they want it on.

But Paul, isn't that the price you pay for free bandwidth?

Not always. Calacanis pointed out last month that hosts videos (like seemingly everyone else on the planet) – but they do something a little different – they offer links to an iPod and “original” version of the file free and clear. I.e., upload it to Netscape, grab their static location for my file, put that in my RSS and, BAM, I can offer it:

  • At Netscape as a generic link.
  • Embedded at my site using some Netscape code.
  • In my RSS with a direct download.

I.e., I get everything the YouTube and Soapbox guys are giving me, plus some more.
YouTube? Soapbox? Want to top that? Sure, Netscape is fighting for some cred – but they're giving me a lot more than you're giving me …

Paul's ultimate Video Podcast hosting list

  • I put it at the site of my choice (Tube, Box, Netscape, etc.).
  • I get one place on my video pages (at their site) to put my own ads.  Hey, I'm bringing you content, I should be able to share the wealth.
  • I can embed the video (I'm cool with your branded player) at my site/blog/etc.
  • I can link to the video from my RSS.
  • The Tube, the Box, the Scape, whoever, gives me some awesome stats on how my stuff is viewed across the net – their site, my site, rss, etc.

And Netscape, my friends, is much closer than any of you.

When word gets out, I could see plenty o Podcasters moving to the ‘Scape.

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