Worth Pointing Out – Next Version of Firefox to Ship – Also No Podcasting Support

TechCrunch did their usual great overview of the Firefox 2.0 coming launch.

If you’re interested, read it.

I feel it important to point out that 2.0’s RSS support also doesn’t make it easy to grab Podcasts.

If it is a big enough issue to give Microsoft crap for – it’s a big enough issue to give Firefox crap for.

Here’s a Firefox World Domination strategy that I’d like to suggest:  Make Podcatching easy in FF 2.1.  Do a little pay for placement for your top 100 recommended Podcasts (you’re already making a bundle on your Adsense take).  Use that $$ to do some pay for placement of your own – i.e., FF 2.1 on Dells, eMachines, etc.  Keep paying your bounty for installs too!

My Mom currently uses Firefox because of the whole “better with viruses” angle.  Talk about Podcasts on your default screen (with the Adsense search, don’t get me wrong) and we might get her listening yet.

I still say, demand, that “Mom” is our next audience.  Won’t somebody make it easy for Mom?

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