He’s Podcasting What He Loves And He’s Making Good Change Doing It

At Podcast Expo, I promised every one in my presentation that if they can produce a Profitable Podcast, I’d be more than thrilled to interview them for the Profitable Podcasting show.

By the way, you didn’t have to be in the audience to take me up on that offer.

Steven Prussack of Raw Vegan Radio is already making good money on his Podcast. 

But, for the naysayers in the audience who dream of greedy capitalistic pigs, know that Steven did this first for love.  It is a topic near and dear to his heart.

The money did follow – and follow it did.

He currently sees $500 per show in sponsorship (that’s going up) and has generated more than $15,000.00 in sales (netting him more than $7500) on just one of the affiliates he represents at his web site.  He has monetized the numerous ways – all of which we have something to learn from.

Not bad for just 24 episodes.

He’s got big plans for what comes next and he details all this, and more, in Episode #4 of Profitable Podcasting.

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