My Blog Classroom Offer

Warning: Product offer that pays the bills. If this offendith, go to the next post.

Blog Classroom – the Blogging class “I always wanted to launch” with Rosalind Gardner and Anik Singal launches today.

Actually, it ain’t the class I always wanted to launch. Honestly, I think it gets it 85% right, 7% wrong, and there is 8% missing from their mix.

But, wow, there is some great content in there from people who really know how to leverage Blogs to see a revenue stream.

So, here’s my deal:

Buy Blog Classroom through my link and get the following:

  • The best Blog monetization class out there – period.
  • Commentary after each class about the 7% wrong and the 8% missing.
  • A special live Webinar where is show you my Blogging infrastructure. If you miss the event, I’ll get you a copy. I promise you – it will change the way you Blog.

Did you know that when WordPress upgrades, I do too – and my templates go with me. Most people who upgrade have to start all over again with their templates. Did you know that all of my Blogs (traditional Blogs and Blogs for my Podcasts) use the same template – they just have 2 custom files for each that make them different? Did you know that I don’t touch any of my Blogs to post to them?

Yeah, we do things a little differently around here.

Now, the truth: They are only selling 750 tickets to the live class – and the price goes up every day.

Buy this thing tomorrow after 9a pacific, and the price goes up 25 bucks.

Day after that, same thing. Until they’re sold out.

So, buy yours, today, send me your receipt, and I’ll do all the rest.

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