Scoble Runs The Numbers – Stop Selling Yourself Short

Today Robert Scoble ran the numbers on the “traditional” Video Podasting model.


About time someone with some power in this space brought this up.

Fact is folk, right now, the model don’t work. The numbers don’t add up. The duck don’t quack.

Nobody wants to admit that.

Again, thank you Robert.

So, what do we do?

We stop selling ourselves short.

$10 to $40 CPM is rate card for Murder She Wrote reruns.

Scoble’s content, your content, the good content, is worth so much more than what we’re getting for it. Start charging that much and you don’t have to worry about this model any more.

If we want to keep believing that ad insertion is the right model, let’s get what we’re worth, eh?

Take Scobleshow as an example, since he brought it up. It’s a freakin MBA in Silicon Valley 101. I am closer to the “scene” than I ever could be because of this show. I don’t want to live in “the Valley.” You couldn’t pay me to live there. But I need the content – Scoble delivers. Anyone who watches the show is getting the same thing. In terms of targetting, I couldn’t pay my wife to watch the show – this kinda of stuff bores her silly. Scobleshow is as targetted as is humanly possible, and he’s getting Murder She Wrote rates.

Take Ninja as an example. The demographic is smart 30+ comedy. We got money to spend. I bought a $25 t-shirt because of Ninja. I don’t know what he’s getting – but I hope it is better than $10 CPM.

Take Geekbrief. High-end (high-end) products aimed towards people who actually buy them. See, they wouldn’t sell them if we didn’t buy them. If I sold this kind of product, I couldn’t pay enough to get on Cali’s show. I wouldn’t blink at a well-placed $100 CPM insertion – if I had a product for her audience. Right now they’re hawking “Splenda” (a sugar free coffee flavoring). I can’t imagine Cali’s audience is their demographic.

Take TWiT. The TWiT army is running every single data center in this country. They have a IT office penetration that Microsoft doesn’t even have. People would throw themselves in front of a bullet for Leo. Why the heck is Dell not buying out every single option on that show – instead of sharing space with a Showtime serial killer with a heart of gold? Why isn’t Apple? Why isn’t Microsoft. Sadly, I’m guessing, but don’t know, that they’re making in the range of what Scoble projected. If I’m wrong, let me know. Do geeks enjoy serial killer shows?

Is this a fair number? I see 4 figures every month from a batch of sites I haven’t updated in years. My total hosting cost is less than $20. I blow those CPM numbers away from 3 year old content. And, by the way, that’s just with Adsense.

Not trying to brag here, just trying to show you how undervalued most Podcast content is.

Shouldn’t Scoble do better? Cali? Leo? Ninja? Anyone reading this Blog?

But I’m not convinced traditional ads are the model. When you own product, distribution and sales, you can ask, and get, a lot more.

I’ve told stories of (audio) Podcasts with CPMs of $156 3 months after launch. All this happens by thinking, just a little bit, outside of the box.

We’re gonna have to change the model here.

I suggested yesterday we need to change the meaning of the word subscribe.

Today I suggest there isn’t a Podcast worth doing, at the absolute lowest price, without an effective CPM of $100.

Ad insertions make sense only when you only have part of the media. You are the media. You have all the pieces here. You’re worth more.

Start charging more. Let the advertisers understand what your audience is worth, and until they’re willing to pay, direct the traffic somewhere else, valuable, and get compensated accordingly.

If they don’t want to pay, wait until you find someone who will. Find a hosting company that will help you out between now and your $100 CPM sale in exchange for being associated with the best content on the planet.

Get so much from your Podcast that you gladly pay your hosting bill – with a big smile on your face because of how much money that host has made you.

And, if they offer you $10 CPM, suggest that they might be better off sponsoring Murder She Wrote.

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