Art Linkletter on Podcasting?

No, not really. But Art Linkletter talking about communication and media – and if that ain't what Podcasting is, I want out.

I'm here at Mark Victor Hansen's Mega Speaking event. Lots of public speakers here – they're all very interested in Podcasting.

Art Linkletter is on stage right now. Fabulous content. Stuff that every Podcaster should hear. I'll see if I can get rights to put the audio online.

Some highlights:

  • According to Art, the “best interviews” are under 10 and over 75. Kids don't know what they're saying. Older people don't care.
  • He's been married for 70 years. When walking down the aisle at his wedding, his wife told him “If God makes you sucessful, I'll keep you humble.”
  • “Life is what happens when you're making other plans.”
  • “It is all about the conversation.” (Does Art ride the Cluetrain?)
  • He's written 3 different autobiographies – because his life keeps changing.

He spoke of riding around Anaheim with a young kid named “Walt” who told him about this theme park he was going to build. Art thought this Walt kid would lose his shirt. Who are you dealing with right now that you might think a little crazy?

He spoke of ordering “Ronnie Reagan” around at the Disneyland opening. What future President are you ordering around?

He always wanted to be on the radio, but didn't have an angle until he discovered kids. What's your angle?

His latest book (Mark Victor Hansen was co-author), How to Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life, was “written” with him and Mark on the phone interviewing experts. What books will be written / could be written from your Podcast content?

Thanks Art, I want to, like you, be in this for the long run.

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