3 Steps To Using An Elevator

So I went to visit some friends at my old employer yesterday.  Nothing but the best and greatest technology in that building.

Like the elevator (transcribed from the a photo I took of the directions – I should Flickr that bad boy) …

  1. Enter destination floor at keypad.
  2. Read assigned car letter (A-F) on keypad screen.  Go to assigned Car.  Letters are above car doors.
  3. When the car arrives, digital numbers on outside of doorjamb verify destination.

There are 17 floors in this building – and each floor ain’t that big.   There are six cars (A-F).  Am I the only one who thinks this doesn’t need to be that complicated?

There are no keypads in the elevators, just shiny metal.  There is one keypad at the entry (I’m sure that makes for wonderful 8a and 5p traffic jams).  You go into a car without entering your stuff at the keypad (first) and you are at the whim of the car.

You do something like enter your choice on the keypad and assume that since you’re the only one in the lobby that the car open is yours … not a smart move.

Worked there for 3 years.  Never saw the 17 floor until yesterday.

Silly.  No wonder we can’t explain Podcasting.

I won’t even go into the 6 point diagram on washing your hands in the restroom.

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