Leo Laporte on Podcasting’s Terrible Two’s (Free Download)

In light of Leo's recent claims that TWiT is on “life support,” his keynote at Podcast Expo is worth listening to again (or for some, the first time). 

Gigavox and TNC New Media have made the recording available for free. Thanks all!
Listen to it.  Take some notes.  Read the post
We're at a crossroads here.  If TWiT ain't the top show out there, she sure is in the top 5.

And she's on life support.

And they got ‘real' ads.

He ain't the only one.  Remember Scoble's comments on his costs?

He's got ‘real' ads too.

We, as an industry, gotta figure some things out.  We gotta do better.
Despite TWiT's issues, Laporte's comments are the first steps in the direction.

If you're following my blog, you're following this issue.


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