Everybody Was Kung Foo Nerd Fighting

This is going to be a long one …

I’ve been watching this like a hawk, not saying something to see if the dialogue would continue. There is nothing more frustrating than watching an important issue come up … and then listening in as nobody is talking about it …

CPMs that can’t even pay for bandwidth bills comes to mind.

Microsoft launching 2007 Media Centers and Four Letter Word Media Players that simply ignore Podcasting comes to mind.

I was going to add nobody knowing what to measure in Podcast metrics, but it seems like this one has got some legs.

It almost seemed to die – and then got some new blood this morning.

I’m gonna jump in …

It started with Ze Frank who, in talking about Web stats, said …

if you want to be popular … just go ahead and say you are … I call it Rocketbooming.

In short, he suggested Rocketboom’s numbers might not be where Andrew claims they are.

Andrew responded his blog.

Ze, as only Ze could do, shot back with more – and a Nerd Fight theme song. He also typed out his response here.

Funny thing is, they seem to be argueing different issues.

It’s almost as clean as pro-life versus pro-choice. Who could be against either life or choice?

I find it a bit ironic that so close to an election in which both guys are frustrated by a President they believe is twisting reality for personal gain that, well, both seem to be only speaking of the numbers that make their point.

So, let’s talk numbers:

Ze’s Alex ranking this morning was 5050. The Boom’s was 14,183.

Ze would say that means he’s doing better.

He is doing better, in SITE VISITORS. His site is getting more visitors. Period. No denying. I don’t think Andrew is denying it either. With classics like “Dance Properly” and the Flash Game “Atheist,” how could he not? ZeFrank is a Web destination with a video blog, or video Podcast, or whatever else you want to call it.

Rocketboom is a media property, and all of Andrew’s comments have been about DOWNLOADS AND VIEWERS – not people at the site. Ze seems to be upset that Rocketboom’s video content is everywhere. He suggested:

“Be sure to include you video blog in every kind of subscription service that exists.”

Sounds like a great strategy for anyone with a media property.

Ze, wouldn’t you want your show on “every kind of subscription service that exists?”

I get Rocketboom on my phone. I get Rocketboom on my Tivo. I get Rocketboom via iTunes.

Sometimes, on rare occasions, I’ll even go out to the site to watch. Ze arrives via iTunes as well, but Ze seems to push a Website viewing meme to support his other properties (I would too).

Which would I prefer, a site with more visitors or a video blog with more viewers?

Site with more visitors in a heartbeat – easier to monetize. A Podcast that directs the audience a website is the marketer’s dream …

And Ze has only begun with his Gimme Some Candy site.

Lost Remote got into the the game yesterday with a posting called “Podcast math: we don’t know what we don’t know.” The most telling quote from Steve Safran:

Always question that PR number


Scoble chimes in and suggests our new metric should be “engagement

I’d rather go with engagement than just downloads. I believe advertisers will eventually get wiser and pay for audiences that’ll do things, not just download files with an automated client.

Now we’re starting to talk my language. This is why I’m in this game.

In Profitable Podcasting #3 we had a Podcaster thrilled with less than 100 on his Podcast because he had them engaged (i.e., buying things) – his topic is CANDLES. At Big Seminar last weekend, I was handed a check worth more than a quarter of a million downloads of a popular video Podcast because I engaged a few listeners to come to the event. My book is selling better than a few Tom Clancy titles at Amazon right now (don’t worry, Tom will sell plenty more in the end) because a few recent Podcasts have engaged the listener to purchase.

Here’s a metric – Effective CPM. How much $$ did you make for every thousand downloads of your show? We got the technology to track it, we just need the right people to have the guts to do it.

The nebulous nature of Podcasting is fun. Since day 1 we’ve all known that we didn’t have the same rules as the “other media.” But, … if we’re going to get out of $10 CPMs and pay back the investors (do I dare say prevent the second bubble burst?), we better prove that this media works.

Most people want numbers to prove things.

P.S., Here’s my suggestion on the Nerd Fight. Have each show pick the charity of their choice. Dedicate the rest of the month to “engaging” your massive audiences to sending a dollar to said charity in the show’s name. See who “wins” come December 1. I bet both Ze and Drew would be pleasantly surprised – and a charity or two could benefit (I’ll bet tremendously) from the experiment.

P.P.S., Both of you, after such a “Nerd Fight for Charity” could leverage these numbers to, in the words of Scoble, get your advertisers to “Pay for an audience that will do things.” Make that happen and the charities won’t be the only ones ahead of the game.

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