The “Upgradeable” Zune – Killer App?

You know you're getting closer to a big product release when the “bigger guys” start paying attention.

Yesterday I got a call from a major paper doing an article about how Zune and Windows Media 11 don't do that Podcasting thing.  Expect some press on Monday.  I'll link when it's up.
Not news around here.

The Gizmodo review of Zune is pushing how she's “upgradeable.”  Also, not a big surprise.

No major press yes on how the Zune Podcatching client exists – but ain't part of v1.

I guess that will come when it is eventually released.

So, when Zune releases (who do I have to kill to get a review unit?), she won't do much of what could make her truly great.  Upgrades will come quickly (probably be buggy) but might add the killer features we're looking for.

And, obviously, the killer features might not be possible on the v1 hardware.  I look at the killer v3 iPod on my desk right now with dust on her at thick at the Nano and wonder where my Zune will be in 9 months.

Oh yeah, my iTunes keeps telling me that I need to upgrade my iPod to the latest release.  Those televisions shows I purchased on the road can't be transferred until I do.

Side note – I'm trying to figure out if any big box stores are going to do a midnight release thing?  Anybody have any information on that?

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