The Ongoing Saga of Microsoft, Zune and Podcasting

Got a little press today in a Seattle PI piece about Microsoft Zunes and Podcasting.

Great article – good stuff. Todd Bishop always does a class job.

I’m a sucker for anything that puts me and Leo Laporte within a hundred words of each other.

Past the quotes and pontifications is the most important statement in the piece. It’s the part where he links to some “of the add-on programs that work with Windows Media Player for podcast subscriptions.

He told me in the interview that he got this list from Microsoft in response to his questions about Podcasting and Windows Media 11.

Look at that list. Of the 5 options listed, one of them isn’t even a podcatcher (I won’t even go into the Windows Media Plugin issue). Also note that the list is almost a year and half old.

This is Microsoft’s “official response” people.

And yes, per Bishop’s reporting, I did start to “embarrass them into doing it.

It hasn’t worked yet.

I’m open to suggestions.

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