The xBox Live Marketplace Just Got Very Interesting – Movies and Television Downloads (Actually On Your Television)

My biggest beef with all this video over the Web stuff is that I can’t watch in on my television without putting a thousand dollar multimedia computer in my home entertainment system.

And if I’m not going to do it, the general public sure isn’t.

That’s why I’m so excited about the iTV project.

But it looks like, and yes, I mean it, Microsoft scooped Apple on this one.

We’ve got Television and Movies delivered over the Internet to an xBox near you.  Here’s the Microsoft Press release to get the legal details.

HD options too – which ought to make Scoble happy.

Engadget has some pictures – this thing looks very clean – perhaps cleaner than Tivo (who just raised rates)?

Yes, I had to bring this up, no word on a Video Podcast element embedded in this bad boy (yet).

Is this the iptv delivery system for gamers?  Could Microsoft get people to buy xBoxes who don’t want to play games – or is this overkill?

We’re suddenly getting lots of players in this space.

Paul likes that.

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