YAPCT – Yet Another Podcast Creation Teleseminar

Tomorrow, November 8, at 6p Pacific, I’m lauching Podcast Creation Mastermind – with an all-out teleseminar event.  Should be lots of fun … Big prizes, lots of content, etc.

I’m doing it with Jeff Mills, author of the top-selling Clickbank Book on Podcasting.

Paul, why a teleseminar?  Why don’t I just Podcast the thing?

Let me tell you a dirty little secret about Podcasting – thousands and thousands of Podcasts are on the hard drives of thousands and thousands of listeners who will NEVER watch or listen to your content.  Best of intentions, all that good stuff. Yadda yadda yadda.
We hit this in the Bible hard, but part of the Podcasting process is teaching your audience to consume your content.  Start with something they know, move them to something they don’t know (subscribing to RSS feeds).
People know how to use a phone, they know how to check their watch.

And we entice them with thousands in prizes during the call (really, cool eh?).

If you’re interested in watching a live teleseminar move to a Podcast that sells a big ticket item (kind of my mantra, eh?), you’ll want to sign up for this call.

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