Where Will You Be Thursday Morning, 8a, Pacific? – eMediaMarketplace Teaser #4

Next Thursday morning at 8a, Pacific, we’re going to do something very interesting.

I think you’ll want to be there.

First thing, a live teleseminar where we explain what we’re doing with eMediaMarketplace.com.  The master plan will be revealed then.  The question of what the heck it has to do with Podcasting and Podcasters will also be revealed as well.

If you’ve ever heard me talk about ISYOT, this is ISYOT to the power of 10. 

What’s fun here is that there’s a piece for those interested in Podcasting and eMedia production, who want some small piece of this, but who are scared to death of producing their own content.

Oh yes, we’re having some fun now …

But, see, it’s bigger than that.  

One hour after the teleseminar, the power of the eMedia Marketplace will be demonstrated.  Only those who attend live will get to watch it happen live.

And when it happens, you’ll want to be there.

Obviously, there will be a timeshifted element to all of this but … sometimes … there is just nothing like being there live.

We’ll have the official signup forms available soon but if you have to get in now, send a blank email to interested-emm@aweber.com.

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