Zune – It’s All About The Music (Companies) – A Short History Lesson

The Grey Lady reports today that Microsoft is paying a “percentage of sales” of the Zune player to UMG (Universal Music Group).

And the “sphere” is abuzz.

If Microsoft truly sees Zune as a (big) music player, this makes a lot of sense.  Why would UMG artists be seen sporting them Pods when, if they can get the kids to wear them, being seen with a Zune can help them make more money.

If Microsoft truly sees Zune as a (big) media player, this also makes sense.  I'm sure now that Universal Music sees some cash, how long before the television for film group gets their piece.

Fascinating model for Microsoft here.

What would happen to Windows if for every version they sold, they paid a few bucks out to the gaming companies and a few bucks out to the business app makers.

How about a % of Office dollars going to printer companies or paper mills?

Bad precidence here methinks.

This helps explain Microsoft complete lack of new media (Podcasting) integration into these things.  If there is nobody to bribe to push the Zune, they must not be worth including on the Zune.

“640K ought to be enough for anybody.” — Bill Gates, 1981

Don't you just hate the things history can teach us?

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