The Best Windows Machine I’ve Ever Had Is My MacBook Pro

Yes, you read that right.

The best Windows Machine I’ve Ever Had Is My MacBook Pro.

With Parallels, I get the following:

  • Obscenely easy XP installation. Obscenely easy.
  • All the drivers I need in one single place. No 2 hour driver install after my short Windows install.
  • My Windows machine “talks to my Mac” with a simplicity (guys, I CAN CUT AND PASTE CONTENT BETWEEN ‘EM) that I never had anywhere else.
  • Did I mention a back up by backing up a SINGLE FILE (she’s a big file, don’t get me wrong), not a 4 hour process with some “third party solutions” that I hope and pray will work when I need them to.
  • Both of my machines share external hard drives, monitors, etc. without having to unplug/replug a thing.

I never had this with a “PC” – and I’ve had some great ones.

I think my next PC will be a Mac as well – unless someone can convince me otherwise.

Heck, now that it is this easy, I just might try installing Vista.

Man do I wish these guys had an affiliate program.

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