I Am Now Convinced Microsoft Has Something Podcast Related For Zune Up Their Sleeves

This weekend, we got a very interesting glimpse into Microsoft over at Andrew Baron’s blog, Dembot.

I won’t begin to debate the merits (or lack of) of Andrew making this piece public.  I go with the whole “Andrew is doing fine, people, stop telling him what to do .. If Microsoft can’t …” meme on that one.

But let’s look at the piece:

Hey Paul, we are going to back out of the Zune.net promo that is supposed to launch [deleted date].

Obviously, not me, Paul, another Paul.

Did they want to buy a week of ads on Rocketboom?  Or was it something else?

While I expect this will be a big traffic loss for us,

Hmmm, people don’t get traffic by putting ads for someone else on their site (or Podcast), this is bigger than that.

Microsoft sending traffic to Rocketboom?  Hmmm…. How would they do that?

I hope that people who do enjoy the Zune will enjoy watching Rocketboom on their Zune players.

I hope so too!  Is there more to this statement than just hopeful thinking?

… with regards to the logo agreement, just by having the Zune logo on our page …

Oh yeah, this is more than a sponsorship package.

Microsoft has something up their sleeves.  There are just too many fingers pointing to something Podcast related for the Zune.

I suggest anyone who wants a good chunk of the market get ready.  I’m buying mine tomorrow at 8a at the local Target.  I’m a little upset no Midnight events but … oh well.

And, yeah, expect a little special Zune something later this week …

And, Scoble, you’re right, put Sandquist in charge of this stuff.  He’s a smart cookie.

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