Zune Day 1, So Far …

I still find it amazing that Zune didn’t get a midnight event at big boxes around the country. Microsoft is putting a lot of money into this. I guess PS3 and WII got in the way?

Heard the rumors of Best Buys selling early. We looked around here in Portland, and, well, we had to wait until today to purchase our Brown Zune. Don’t worry, got a Black Zune too. White Zune – too much like the iPod.

Target was the only one that could promise they’d be out this morning. Some stores hadn’t received shipment yet, others would put them out when they got around to it. Target promised 8am, and a $25 gift card.

Got to the store this morning. They only had 6. 2 of each. We bought the first 2. Said nobody had come in to ask a thing.

Interesting …

Next comes in the install. I wonder if it is as bad as some people report it to be.

And, of course, the day it comes out, we’re already obsolete. I hope that mine is upgradable as I’ve heard.

Don’t worry, more Zune News coming …

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