Talkshoe Meets Podcasting Meets Teleseminar Marketing Meets Too Many Screens To Watch

Tomorrow at 5p Pacific / 8p Eastern, I will be:

Recording 8 Episodes of the Teleseminar Secrets Podcast. It will be a “double ender” between myself and Alex Mandossian of Teleseminar Secrets (as well as friend, book co-author, co-host for Marketing Online Live and more).

Opening up the recording process as a live teleseminar. I had the pleasure of (multiple times) seeing The Tonight Show taped (with Johnny Carson none the less) and remember how much more I enjoyed the show after watching things “behind the scenes.” I figured it will be fun to give our audience the same. We’ll be opening up our bridgeline for anyone who wants to listen in as Alex and I record it all. Obviously, I can’t release that phone number to the world. Send a blank email to if you’d like your ticket via this channel.

But, oh yes, we like to push things as far as we can. We also will be …

Simulcasting the recording of the Podcast over to our channel at This technology should let some of our listeners consume via streaming media – as well as introduce ourselves to a whole new audience of people. The direct link to our channel at Talkshoe is here. Should be fun to give that technology a try.

This will either end up a great case study in cross-media promotion, or a classic case of Paul taking on too much stuff. Regardless of what happens, the “final edit” will sound great but if you want to listen in as I sweat it all out, you are welcome to the show.

Monday, 5p Pacific / 8p Eastern.

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