Podcasts On Your Phone

I feel like for the last few months I’ve heard of at least a dozen people tell me about some Podcasting/phone service every day. Did you hear about “x?” There is this service called “y.” And the list goes on.

I’m not talking phones with MP3 players in them – I’m talking, access a Podcast over the phone. I.e., call a phone number, hear a Podcast, etc.

I don’t doubt that there are companies who are providing Podcast to phone services – but my question is this …

Is anyone really using them?

And when I say “use,” I mean regular habitual consumption. 2 to 3 a week type of thing.

It isn’t the per minute charges that make me question it – it’s the functionality of it all. Anyone who thinks ahead enough to call a phone number an go through a tree to hear the Podcast of his/her choice – it seems to me they’re they’re the type who would spend the money required to make it much easier – a Nano, MP3 phone, etc.

So, any “I get my Podcasts by telephone” types out there? Tell me your story.

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