Video Podcasting Just Not As Big As Some Had Hoped

Big thread over at Techmeme about how in short

Owners of Apple’s ubiquitous portable media device spend far more time on it listening to music or audio podcasts than they do using it to watch TV or movies.

And, all the usual commentary and prognostication follows.

This should surprise no one.

Portable audio is the killer app. Is been since I got my first walkman in the 80s. It is has been since the first car radio way back when. Audiobooks anyone? In our cars, in our offices, on our walks, we like to take audio with us. It is the elearning aspect that has attracted me to this since day one. It is also the probable source of Podcasting’s greatest revenue stream.

Video is fun portable, and helps on some plane flights, … but is just best consumed on something larger than a 2 inch screen. This is why the iTV project is so much more important than the touch-screen iPod.

My prediction is as follows: the Podcasting revolution will be best known for bringing us the audio content when and where we wanted it – and for providing the platform for making IPTV a reality.

In short, we’ll still going to be couch potatoes – just couch potatoes with better content choices.

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