Another 1996 – 2006 Comparison in the “Monetization” of Podcasting

It's not just the bubble we've started this round that reminds me of a bubble that we started a decade ago. It's even trickled down to the entrepreneur.

I remember in 1996 how people would look at me straight in the eyes and somehow think/believe that all they needed to do was get a Website up and the money would start pouring in.

Somehow the tech of a Website seemed to make business rules, modern economics and the laws of physics simply go away. I remember once when somebody looked me straight in the eye and said, “No, Paul, on the Internet, things are different.”

I even remember a magazine headline that asked “Do profits matter?”

Somehow, some still haven't learned.

I actually got an email from someone asking me if they should focus on Podcasts or minisites.

The answer to everyone, work on your business … use thet technology that will help your business the most. Podcasting can be an amazing technology for your business – if implemented correctly.

And yes, for some of you, Podcasting isn't for your business. Some of you don't need Websites either 😉

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