Podcast Audience Deconstruction – Podcast Sweeps Anyone?

The “sphere” is abuzz with talk about Pew’s latest piece on Podcasting downloads. The real “in the know” types ask when someone is going to decontruct the audience the “right way.” When are we going to know where our real value is? Etc. etc. etc.

I think we’re getting a lot closer, and we need to thank Rocketboom for it. Andrew Baron’s “The Semantic Audience” posting at his Dembot blog is worth a good hard look. It continues on Scoble’s concept of “engagement” but with some real numbers to back it up. Print this one off. Consider v1 of the dialogue.

The more times the concepts meet the numbers, the better off we’ll all be.

I still believe in, and will continue to push, the concept of the PLA, the Post Listen Action I first mentioned at Corporate Podcasting Summit. Yes, this is the direct marketer in me talking but, … it does give us something to measure.

And once we can measure accordingly, we can charge accordingly.

The argument that Podcasts are going to see less and less of the traditional ad insertion model is getting stronger and stronger. We’re seeing this reality in the top Podcasts today. Examine the sponsorship models like Geekbrief and Splenda or Scobleshow and Seagate.

I predict we’ll see her demise much sooner than later. But even with this model, Splenda will one day ask Cali to prove that geeks are giving up sugar and Seagate will want Scoble to translate engagement to sales. Splenda and Seagate didn’t get where they are today without asking for such.

I realize that not all Podcasts will pitch on a regular basis but they will need their proof.

How about this, “Podcast Sweeps?”

Once every quarter we get our audience to engage. We have them click on something or buy something or call something or email something (a PLA) to prove how engaged they are.

Watcha think?

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