Premium Podcasting – The Full Engine?

I’m working with a Podcaster who is quite well known and respected. For the moment, we’ll leave the name out of it. And no, it isn’t who you think it is.

He would like to develop a course that teaches someone how to build and entire Premium Podcasting engine – for the direct sales of Podcast content. We’re talking the full monty here.

I’m not talking a PayPal link to download a file, or anything like that, I’m talking a full blown Premium Podcasting engine that provides for, but is not limited to:

  • Secured RSS feeds for customers.
  • Re-occuring billing using a traditional merchant accounts.
  • A complete CRM engine.
  • Customer site integration (customers can access bulletin board, special areas of website, etc.).
  • A complete two-tier affiliate system.
  • Ad and customer conversion tracking.
  • Integrated email list building.
  • One-off content sales at both site and third-party online servers.
  • Etc.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t theory. This is in place right now. The problem is that not enough people are doing it. This class will teach how to do it all.

Another option would be a Managed Services Premium Podcasting Program that would enable people to get everything listed above, for a monthly fee.

And, it won’t be cheap. This is real business we’re talking about here.

I realize this is the most unscientific of means to garner audience interest, etc. But I place it here. Your thoughts, recommendations, admonishments, curses, etc.

We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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