Long Form Versus Short Form Video Content

I keep hearing about how the future of video is short form video content delivered over tiny screens (cell phones, iPods, etc.). People are saying YouTube proved that.

They’re wrong.

Look at our top television shows last week (thanks to USA Today). They include:

Desperate Housewives
Grey’s Anatomy
Sunday Night Football
Saturday Night Football
Survivor: Cook Islands

All of these aren’t just 60 minutes shows (hardly short form) but they also have plot elements that go from week to week. I.e., they’re betting that you can’t/won’t eat just one.

Last week’s movies (Box Office Mojo) include:

Casino Royale
The Santa Clause 3

1 franchise at number, what, (20?) and 2 sequels in the mix.

Big news in Hollywood right now that Peter Jackson is, actually, going to do the Hobbit movies. The extended versions of all these Middle Earth films will soon pass, in length, a season of 24.

I won’t even go into Battlestar Galactica’s impact on science fiction.

Do people really want short form video content? Is that the golden egg?

Let me rephrase that, of course they do. Short form video content is an art form, but it ain’t the answer to everything.

As you’re looking to what the audience really wants, might I suggest that it is this simple: they want to be entertained or educated without being insulted – at the time and place (and on the device) of their choosing.

Any magic pill that ignores this fact will die.

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