2007 – The Year Of Living Digitally

Update: The Year Of Living Digitally Blog Has Launched

Things are going to be a little different in the Colligan household next year.

In short, all media that comes into our house will be delivered, legally, over Internet.

How am I going to pull this off:

Music – Rented and digitally purchased only. I’m guessing at this point an iTunes/Yahoo Music hybrid for commercial stuff? Perhaps the Zune Marketplace if they clean it up a bit? Of course, I’ll need to stream this all over the house.

Television and Film – A mix of iTunes, Amazon Unbox and the Xbox Live Marketplace. Perhaps some of the online options like CBS Innertube if I go with a Media Center and can run it easily from a remote. I also expect/know that I’ll be watching a lot more IPTV stuff.

For TV and film, I (and the family) might be watching a lot less crap that I did this year. That’s just a bonus.

And, when the iTV project from Apple is finally released, I’ll be able to put it to the real test.

Mix that with a marked increase in Podcast consumption and, well, I think it will be a great year.

Magazines and Newspapers – PDFs on a Sony Portable Reader and RSS on a Nokia Internet tablet. Perhaps something printed now and then, but I’d love to go as green as possible here.

But, I’m the easy one to convince.

I ‘ve got a 1st grader and a preschooler who luv the kids show. I’ve got a wife who loves the fix-it-up-shows. I’ve parents who like to babysit and if I don’t have something for them to watch once the kids go down, that’s just cruel.

Sounds like the makings of a cool blog and Podcast series, eh?

This is also a pretty big investment on my side. Getting an entertainment system that will handle this hybrid won’t be cheap.

So, two things here.

1 – Any suggestions from my readers on how to make this as cool and as seemless as possible would be greatly appreciated. Tips on making it as affordable as possible would be great as well.

2 – Any corporations in this scene who want to sponsor this experience, go ahead and contact me. Sure would be cool to get your products in the videos audios, and blog mentions that will come from this, won’t it? Corps that don’t want me saying exactly what I think should not apply.

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